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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A proud marine...

My dad.

A proud marine and Vietnam Veteran.

He earned many medals including a purple heart.

He did not talk about Vietnam other than a couple of instances.  I once asked when we were out to lunch together about what year he went to Vietnam (1969) and the other time when he was in the hospital shortly before he passed away.  He told my brother and I that he lead so many men into battles and saw them die next to him and had no idea how he made it out alive.

In honor of him on Memorial Day we plant flowers at his grave.  The weather was HOT and sunny.  His favorite.  He could spend hours out in the heat.  Just sitting in a chair and roasting.  He would have loved it.  I know he was smiling down on us and watching all the kids running and marching with the flags my mom brought for them.  My brother in law planted all the flowers and it looks beautiful now.

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