New Year Wish

Monday, August 22, 2011

My latest creations...

Summer I found out does not allow me as much time as I would like to hole up in my "blossom-making station" (aka basement) to create.  My husband's work hours included many late evenings and the kids all my attention.  Nap time over the fall/winter I could sneak in an hour or so to make lots of blossoms or try out a new idea.  Nap time in the summer has included a lot of Brendan/mommy time playing baseball in the backyard or just spending time together.  My little man will be going to kindergarten in 2.5 weeks so I'm soaking up as much us time as I can.

I have found time to work on a few custom orders in the past month and I need to start preparing for the upcoming fall sales!

Sheer green blossoms clips with rosette center and white hanging ribbon

Sheer green blossom pins with rosette for flower girl baskets

Woven pink/purple headband