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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Up North

An unexpected weekend getaway is just what our family needs.  My blossom-making will be taking a little break while we pack up the car and kids and travel up north and going to one of our most favorite places...
Pure Michigan

This year we will be spending the weekend at the family cabin and making a day trip to the city.  We will take lots more pictures of the "Mighty Mac" and throw countless rocks into the Straits.  It is heaven on earth.
First glimpse of the bridge
Really...has anyone ever been happier???

The 5 mile Mackinaw Bridge
Rock throwing
Our family has grown since our 2009 visit and I know Lila will have a blast exploring the rocks and water.  My mom suggested we visit the McGulpin Point Lighthouse and Brendan is hoping we see some new birds and Bald Eagles.
McGulpin Point Lighthouse

We are excited to stay at the cabin with our cousins.  Brendan loves hanging out with the girls and it is fun to visit somewhere new.  I found out tonight that there are loons on the lake and previous bald eagle sightings.  We will have our nature book with us to identify all the new birds around the cabin.  We simply cannot wait for a weekend of just fun!

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