New Year Wish

Friday, May 13, 2011


I recently had a request for a special 6 year old for a Tangled-inspired blossom.  My niece let me borrow her dvd because I had not even seen the movie (I have a 5 year old son...we watch sports and play Wii) and I loved it!  It was even my son's new favorite movie for those two weeks we borrowed it.  I asked him last night what his favorite part of the movie was and he said when Rapunzel's fake mommy says, "Fine.  Now I have to be the bad guy."

I knew after watching the movie I had to incorporate light pink and light purple for her dress and then I was stumped.  A quick etsy searched opened my eyes to the world of bottle cap embellishments!!!  Thanks to my husband I am now the proud owner of lots and lots of digital images (he made a ton for me!!!  You could quickly spend lots of $$$ on these images off of etsy!)  So when he showed me this image (above) of Rapunzel I knew she would love it! 

I'm excited to make lots of these bottle cap blossoms.  So far I've made our Team Superbaby blossoms and I just made my daughter an Elmo blossom.  Pics to come soon!

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