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Monday, May 9, 2011

March for Babies Monday: The giveaway bag

We decided to do a giveaway to all those who donated to our Team Superbaby page on the March for Babies site (sorry to all those who purchased through Button Blossoms fundraiser!  I had people selling for me and do not have everyone's name who bought.  Next year I will have a separate giveaway for that one.  Promise!).

The loot includes: a reusable March of Dimes bag (from walk), a Team Superbaby t-shirt, purple for preemies magnet, Team Superbaby bottlecap magnet, some yummy snacks, and a few surprises!

I will list all the names in the order that they were donated and use to pick the winner.

2. Lisa
3. Meegan
4. Kathy
5. Katie M.
6. Angelique
7. Marti
8. Katie H.
9. Kelly
10. Diane
11.  Julie
12. Jim and Pat
13. Sherri
14. Brian
15. Monica
16. Mary Ann
17. Heather
18. Katie S.
19. Joe
20. Marilyn
21. Eric and Jill
22. Jaymie

And the winner is....

Katie Stavale!!! Congrats on winning and thank you again for all the donations!

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Katie S. said...

Thank you, Marie!! :)

I hope the walk went well!