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Monday, March 14, 2011

March for Babies Monday: Only a NICU mom

- knows the value of a day
- gets excited over an ounce of weight gain
- knows how good it feels to go from a high flow cannula to room air
- gets excited about increased feedings
- would beg her nurse to go to the NICU, not even 12 hours after a c-section
- would drive 1 hour one way to see her baby 4 days a week
- knows how much it sucks to be on magnesium
- knows exactly what time the doctors make their rounds each day
- gets excited when the doctor gives new orders
- knows how pink a baby can be after a blood transfusion
- knows how precious kangaroo care is
- will fight for Synagis and harass the crap out of the insurance companies
- knows how dangerous O2 desaturations are
- would get excited when the PICC line comes out
- would run to the lactation room to pump in record time, so she can get back to her baby
- understands how important it is to maintain body temperature
- would dread hearing the words "bradycardia" and "apnea" during a phone call
- knows the difference in a ventilator, CPAP, and a nasal cannula
- gets excited when the nurses tell you to bring in your car seat
- knows what all the alarms mean
- knows how important it is when babies graduate to different rooms
- would get excited over no residuals
- would pump every 3 hours for 8 weeks to feed a baby who needed it
- knows how exciting it is to hear the words "open crib"
- will Google "grams to pounds" to find out how much her baby weighs
- understands the importance of coming off of caffeine
- knows how hard it is to go back to work, so you can have time off once baby comes home
- is jealous of women who get to hold their baby within minutes of giving birth
- will carry Vaseline in her purse for her dry hands, that have been eaten up by using so much hand sanitizer
- knows where everything is located in the NICU
- knows how hard it is to be discharged and leave your baby behind

Only a NICU mom will look at her child every single day and thank God for such a wonderful miracle.

 I love this!  Found this on the blog of a fellow preemie mom.  We are walking in May in the annual March for Babies in Toledo if you would like to support our team, Team Superbaby.  Each donation helps save babies!

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