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Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Custom Orders

After my break for the holidays the month of January has been busy, busy with custom orders.  First up I made the Organ Awareness pins for several lovely ladies.  This pin is so fun I have to show it just one more time.

Next up I made a couple of the Birthday Hat flower clips.  One for my fun niece and one for my cousin's friend's daughter.  I love the bright colors and glittery embellishment.  Here it is one more time.

My cousin also asked me to make something a 6 year old would like that was cute and fun.  I recently bought lots of roses to restock and had to make her a white rose with a purple heart gem.  It will be perfect for Valentine's Day and year round because it is so subtle.

Next up my dear cousin wanted to buy some flower clips for her sweet little students.  She is an amazing teacher to these young girls!  I was even treated to a sneak peek of the girls modeling their clips.  Adorable.

My next order was also for a cousin (do I have the most supportive family or what!) and she was placing two orders!  Her first order was for her friend's daughter and her second order was for an auction basket at her daughter's school.
The yellow polka dot flower with sparkle button has to be my new favorite!  So cute for spring and summer.

The remainder of the month I am going to be working on some Shamrock flowers, ballet-inspired flower, and preparing for a Mom2Mom sale in March!  Thank you to everyone who has ordered and continuing to support Button Blossoms!

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