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Friday, December 31, 2010

Buttons: A 1/2 year of flowers

I started making flower clips for my daughter this past July. I used some gerbera daisies I had around the house (like they had been stuck in a vase for a few years) and used buttons as the center to try a different look. I made a white one, yellow one, and pink one.

Sometime in the early fall I was having a serious case of the mommy blues. I spent all day chasing after two little ones along with some other serious health issues happening to my mom. I really needed an outlet or a hobby to take my mind off of things so I decided I would try and sell flower clips. Luckily I have the best support team at home (husband) and the greatest buyers (Jaymie, Jill, Mindy:) who bought up all sorts of flowers for their adorable girls (my nieces and cousin). They truly allowed me to be so creative and just come up with cute flowers.

Here are some of my other favorites from the past year:

Thank you to everyone! Each flower I make is my new favorite and I sometimes have to make two just so Lila has one also:) I'm excited for new opportunities in the new year and have lots of new ideas and creations! One idea that I am most excited about is Awareness flower pins. There are so many great causes and why not wear a flower pin to support it! Organ donation and March of Dimes are my favorites. What cause would you love a flower pin for??? Happy New Year!!!

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