New Year Wish

Monday, December 6, 2010

And the giveaway winner is...

Thanks to everyone who entered my holiday giveaway!!!  I have the list jotted down and there are 15 entries. It goes:
1 and 2 Jaymie
3 and 4 Mindy
5 and 6 Marti
7 Mary Ann
8 and 9 Amy
10 Becky
11 and 12 Katie
13 Dianna
14 Jill
15 Kimberly

I then went to and used a true random number generator and put in numbers 1-15.  The lucky winner of a free custom flower pin or flower clip was entry....

Number 7...Mary Ann!!!

Congratulations Mary Ann ( mom!) your red rose flower pin will be made just for you!



Amy said...

Fixed! Just Kidding! Congrats Mary Ann!

Marie said...

Lol Amy!!! Here's a secret...I actually had to do it twice b/c I didn't have the list in the right order and my mom won both of the random number things I did!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Marie