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Sunday, April 24, 2011

March for Babies Monday: The walk

In March 2006, my best friend had talked to me about how her work was collecting donations for March of Dimes and I decided to look into forming a team for Brendan.  After a little research and family on board, we formed Team Superbaby.  Our first walk was in April 2006 and Brendan was not quite 3 months old. 
We had a small team, the turn out was small, and the weather was cold and rainy.  It was wonderful to be walking in honor of all the babies we knew that were born too early.  I put together a poster of pictures of Brendan in the NICU and Brendan at almost 3 months.  What a difference a few months make.  I also talked to the local news channel about our experience and why we walk.  I am not sure if they used it or not.  I was choked up the whole time.  We just knew this was an event we would want to be a part of each and every year.

Each year the walks have gotten larger and it is an incredible experience to be around so many others that understand your situation, to see all the little miracles, and to walk for those who now have wings.  We are so blessed that our family and friends have continued to support our team each and every year.





How sweet are our "superbabies"?

I look forward to our walk next Sunday and holding Brendan's hand as he walks those 3 miles.

Our superbaby who started so small.

We walk for him.

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